Merry Christmas To You! Get 20% Discount On Any Running Shoes TODAY #runchat

Hey everyone! I just finished my Christmas shopping, and aside from some obligatory boxes of chocolate I’ve stuck with a theme this year…obviously health and wellness! Although I can’t quite disclose what I got everyone just yet — that’s for later tonight when we open gifts! — I got myself a neat little something too.

Overall this year I spent $65 on myself — $45 of it was a donation to Children International to provide my sponsored kids with Christmas gifts and birthday gifts, and the other $20 I spent on a new weight set. WAHOO! As of now I’ve been using the same 7 lb. barbells for a few years now and I finally wanted to to kick up my weight training a notch.

Anyways, this year, you should definitely treat yourself to a gift of health and wellness too. To get you started, I’ve been able to score a sweet discount for all of my readers: 20% off up to 3 pairs of running shoes at your local Big 5! (The discount is only good for today, so act fast.) Treat yourself big this year and get in shape. Your body, heart, and mind will thank you. Oh, and if you want to spend more than $100, you can also get 20% off your entire purchase.

Happy holidays!

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To Your Health: One Mile + One Cup of Tea a Day


I can still remember the thought that crossed my mind somewhere around mile 23 of my first marathon…”I never want to run another mile, EVER, in my life.” Well, since I’ve touched down in the US, I’ve managed to cram in 21.71 miles in the last 6 days I’ve been back. I guess it seems like running is here to stay, for now!

When I got back to my apartment, the first piece of mail I read was my December Runner’s World Magazine. That’s where I came across the article about the Holiday Running Streak. It was largely fueled by the desire to keep a manageable running routine during the busy holiday season (between Thanksgiving and Christmas). The idea is to run at least 1 mile a day, everyday, until the New Year.

Sounds pretty manageable after logging so many intense weeks leading up to the marathon. So manageable, in fact, that my boyfriend — a non-runner! — has even joined in the challenge. I’ve told a few co-workers about it but none of them seem to have really taken to it (yet). Shant and I put a wager on it: he would paint my entire apartment if he loses. And, if I lost, I would paint my own apartment. Either way, my apartment wins I guess.

To sweeten the deal, he’s added one more component to our challenge: follow up the one run a day with a cup of tea a day. Seems pretty simple. Both of these challenges take up to 15 minutes a day. Seems like your health and longevity is worth it when boiled down to those bare requirements, right? One mile a day (walk/run/walk-run/cycle) and one cup of tea a day is pretty manageable.

So, are you in? Leave a comment below if you’re doing the challenge!

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